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VDIS has become a successful player in Education and Health sectors,committed to build successful brands worldwide. Our aim is to provide an excellence unique experience to the society. A Leading Education & health services provider VDIS group Consists VDIS Research Dept., VDIS Distance Education , VDIS Montessori Teachers Training, VDIS paramedical Dept. & VDIS Health Services(SPANDDAN).

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  • World Health Day 2016

    �Medicines can cure, but the most important medicines a patient can receive are motivation and positive attitude in Spanddan, my job gets easier because of excellent attitude & warm comfort given to my patients by their staffs.�
                       - Dr. Bodhisatwa Choudhuri MBBS , MD (Emergency Medicine)

  • Over 200 Green Card Registrations in a one day

    �Our Vision is to provide exceptional and compassionate Health Care, Inspired by the people we serve. The concept of Green Card is the value addition to the services health care are provide by us & by registering Green Card you can became the member of VDIS family.�
              -Dr. Ipsita Guha M.COM, MBA, CFA, PhD.

  • Vdis Healthcare

    �At Spanddan, We add quality to the life by Physiotherapy, So visit us for ensuring unhindered mobility.�
              - Dr. D. Banerjee B.sc. DPT (Cal), CSM, BPT (WBUHS)

  • World Health Day - 2015

    �Food safety is a shared responsibility and the initiative has taken by VDIS Team is really appreciable. Definitely these types initiatives will create an opportunity to alert people about the importance of food safety & they will get a practical guidance about food safety system.�
              -Prof. Sourav Ghosh LLB

  • World Health Day -2016

    �Health Camp on World Health Day was very well organized. It proves their social responsibility too.� -Dr. Abhishek Ghosh (MBBS, MD)

  • Inauguration of Spanddan 2015

    �It has given me immense pleasure to attend the inaugural ceremony of Spanddan, specially the oath of Resolving to be fit that we have taken with the Spanddan Team.�
               -Mrs. Tulika Mandal

  • Inauguration of Spanddan 2015

    � I would like to congratulate Spanddan Management & whole Spanddan team on the official opening of its new health care centre, I am confident the team at Spanddan will continue to advance medical excellence by integrating clinical care, research and education to shape medicine for the future.�
               -Dr. Sartaki Majumder MBBS, MD


    Customers are our assets and we care each and every customer and a separate department is established VDIS-CRD. This is operating from 11 AM-5PM every day except holidays. Call our CRD at 9038080999.All calls are recorded for quality purpose.
    The CRD stands for CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP DEPARTMENT. This Department is set up by the Management of VDIS and in strict supervision of the Body. In this department Our Employees have been employed to look after the departmental works and provide the best services to all customers
    We therefore request each and every Customer to co-operate with us and make this new initiative a remarkable one for all well wishers and all beneficiaries.

  • VDIS Article Publication

    VDIS Article Publication team heartly welcomes to all of the authors and technocrats who all have been laying their all to the areas of interest thereof. Our Team facilitates the online research paper publication and as well as print Research Paper Publication and as well as print research paper publication in our own journal as well as in association with reputed publication organization.

    • We invite you to submit high quality papers for review and possible publication in all areas of management.
    • For details contact us: 9883452508
    • Our Mail your original relevant and reachable manuscripts at E- Mail Id: article@vdisonline.com

  • Franchisee Application

    Be a part of VDIS group family and spread institutions awareness throughout the world.
    For any farther Enquiry regarding Franchisee feel free to contact: 9874552408 Mail Us : franchisee@vdisonline.com

  • VDIS Corporate social Responsibilities

    Our commitment to CSR stems from the belief that we are a part of the socity and we are commited to serve the socity. We are dedicated to social responsibility as a value that goes hand in hand with our strategic business objectives.

  • Celebrate your occasion with VDIS Group

    Don�t miss the chance of celebrating your special occasion with us. Whatever your reasons to celebrate anniversaries birthdays or graduations. We will make your day special.
    For more details contact us: VDIS Celebration Dept.: celebration@vdisonline.com

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