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With the motto of providing extra ordinary health care services at an affordable cost under one roof Spanddan is established.
We seek to provide an outstanding patient experience, superior clinical outcomes and improved quality of life for the people we serve.
We hope this website will become a valuable source of information for your medical situation may be. This site will be updated regularly just as we constantly seek better ways to provide health care for our patient.
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  • General Physician

    • Dr. D.K. Dutta [ MBBS, A.F.I.H.] Monday to Saturday By Appoinment

    General Medicine

    • Dr. Abhishek Ghosh[MBBS,MD CCEBDM(Diabetes),CCMTD(Thyroid)] Monday&Friday(5-6)p.m Wednesday (5 p.m -by appointment)
    • Dr. Debabrata Saha [MBBS, DDVL, MD (Pulmonary Medicine)] Tuesday ( 6:30 -7:30) p.m.


    • Dr. Kavita Mandal [MBBS, MD (Obst. and Gyne),AIIMS, New Delhi] Wednesday (5-7)p.m
    • Dr. Bandana Pal [MBBS(cal), D.G.O (cal)] Tuesday & Saturday( 5:30-6:30)p.m.


    • Dr. Moupia Chakraborty [ MBBS, DCH,PGPN] Friday (8:30-9:30) a.m

    Paediatrician & Neonatologist

    • Dr.Sudeshna Mallik [MBBS,DCH. (Cal) D.M.C.W (cal) , DNBI] Monday-Saturday by appointment (Morning)

    Orthopedic Surgeon:

    • Dr. Debasish Chowdhury [MBBS,MS(Orthopedics)]Monday & Thursday(11:30a.m-12.30p.m)
    • Dr. Bodhisatya Chowdhury [MBBS, MD(Emergency Medicine)] Diploma in Rheumatology Monday & Thursday (10:00 a.m -11:00 a.m)


    • Dr.Sayantani Chakroborty [MBBS, MD] Sunday(8:30-9:30)a.m

    Ent Specialist & Surgeon

    • Dr.Anindita Sengupta [MBBS,MS,ENT] Tuesday (11:30 a.m -12:30 p.m)

    Consultant Interventional Cardiologist:

    • Dr. Kumar Sankar Poddar (Medicine), DM (CARDIOLOGY) Monday (5 - 6 PM)


    • Dr. Arnab Roy MS(Ayurveda),PHD Wednesday(5pm – 6pm)
    • Dr. Sukalyan Ray B.A.M.S. , M.D. (Ay.) Monday at 10 am
    • Prof. (Dr.) S.K. SamantaAyurvedic Consultant MD (Ay), L.C.M.C, C.C.D.C.D,C.C.A.C.D Tuesday & Friday ( 2- 5pm)


    • Dr. Kumar Sankar Poddar (Medicine), DM (CARDIOLOGY) Monday (5 - 6 PM)
  • “and speciality treatment under same roof in a neat, calm, well located environment. Such a polyclinic was very much needed. Hope this clinic will be famous”
                       - DR. Abhishek Ghosh MBBS, MD

  • “Spanddan, We add quality to the life by Physiotherapy, So visit us for ensuring unhindered mobility.”
              - Dr. D. Banerjee B.sc. DPT(Cal), CSM, BPT (WBUHS)

  • “cure, but the most important medicines a patient can receive are motivation and positive attitude in Spanddan, my job gets easier because of excellent attitude & warm comfort given to my patients by”

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